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  1. Just the Plaice

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    In another look at the components we produce and the plaices they end up, we’ve got just the scoop.No, really – we have helped to develop a rubber handle for a chip scoop for use in fish & chip shops across the country.

    You could say we’re helping to feed millions of hungry Brits every Friday night. It’s a tenuous link, but a link nonetheless!

    Working alongside Drywite to develop the fish & chip scoops, we helped design an FDA approved rubber handle specifically intended to give a more comfortable and tactile scoop, something I’m sure we’d all appreciate on a busy night behind the chip counter.

    Not to mention the sales of the new scoops have increased substantially since they went into production about 3 years ago.

    342_400[1] TB_blue_L[1]

    The second image is a blue FDA approved plug which goes into the Drywite chip bucket. So, we’re certainly doing our part when it comes to helping you get your chippy tea!

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  2. Lighting up the World

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    At Fairham, we are consistently designing and manufacturing countless products that end up being used for a wide range of different purposes. These purposes range from walking stick ends, parts used in the restoration of old vehicles,  septa seals – used in the medical industry in test tubes, right through to the defence sector and night vision goggles!

    We produce silicone products in the production processes for LED lighting strips, which are used all over the world on a range of buildings, bridges and walkways.

    We produce these components for ACDC, the lighting company based in Barrowford -not the Australian rock band (although, I’m sure they probably do use some in their live shows).

    MBS Events Plaza header

    ACDC have worked on some of the most prestigious projects in the world from Paris to Singapore and from Frankfurt to Abu Dhabi. This means that our rubber components can be found (if you look close enough) on almost every corner of the globe – pretty cool, eh?

    Priding themselves in being able to offer the most advanced and efficient LED lighting products in the world, we are proud to be trusted suppliers to ACDC – helping them light up the world, one city at a time!

    grand mosque 2

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  3. In Full Swing

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    At Fairham HQ we are always working on new projects; be it rubber test tube seals, night vision goggles or that hsssshhhhh sound when a bus door closes (if you’ve read our case studies you’ll know what I mean).

    We are able to construct some wonderful things and the array of products that we can create moulds for is incredible. Our most recent project was a tool that will be used to produce swing seats for play areas across the United Kingdom and Europe.

    Andy is delighted with this feat (even if it did take him 2 ½ years). He might as well smile; technically speaking we’ve helped put a smile on children’s faces all over Europe – that’s pretty cool, eh?


    Our complete in-house design and manufacturing capabilities means we are able to create products to meet even the most demanding of client specifications.

    Our business is rubber mouldings, we live and breathe it. From natural rubber to synthetics like silicone, neoprene, polyurethane and EPDM – we only ever use high quality grade materials from British rubber suppliers.

    We are the experts; so whether its seals, gaskets, O-rings or highly complex one-off bespoke rubber mouldings for a specialist project, we have the experience and tools to provide the solution for you.

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  4. The Great Outdoors

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    We are always looking to build on the relationships within our company. Usually working within the confines of Fairham HQ, we decided to break the mould by taking the team and venturing into the great outdoors – quite literally.

    Taking nothing but ourselves (and whatever contraband we could hide in our socks), we headed deep into the woods and into the unknown. Well, Outdoor Elements Team Building and Outdoor Activities Centre.

    Outdoor Elements specialise in crafting tailored programmes to challenge groups and individuals, whilst strengthening team bonds. These challenges have a lasting impact on the team and its individual members, helping to develop leadership skills and personal qualities that can be transferred into the work environment.

    However fun, the aim of the programme is to enhance team performance, build trust and confidence and to work together – pushing in the same direction to help one another achieve a goal (without sounding too much like a motivational video).

    Naturally it was interesting to see everyone working together in a completely new environment, we were amazed at the effort the team put in and the levels of teamwork and comradery. Wow, that sounds corny doesn’t it?

    Our Managing Director, John Fairhurst, said that the day out was great fun and brought the team together:

    “We try to have a day out every so often, and this time the team wanted to try something different – which this certainly was! It was a fun day out and the challenges really brought out people’s character and brought the team closer together.”


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  5. A New Arrival (It’s a lathe!)

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    I imagine fellow manufacturers will relate when I say that getting a new piece of equipment is the industry equivalent of buying a new TV, or even a new car – it’s that exciting (we don’t get out much).

    Well, Fairham Mouldings is proud to announce the arrival (it does sound like a baby, doesn’t it?) of our shiny new XYZ SLX 435 Lathe – I just know you are as excited as we are!

    Our new lathe is a very welcome addition to our already extensive range of equipment and gives us the capability of machining up to 700mm diameter, complementing our existing machines perfectly.

    With bigger machines, comes greater responsibility. Our new lathe gives us the ability to produce larger products, further widening the range of services we can offer our customers.

    New_lathe new_lathe2

    Boasting an entirely in-house process, we manage everything from the initial product design to the final manufacture. The new addition will only improve this process further, maximising productivity and in turn reducing turnaround time.

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  6. Fairham Receives Quality Management Certification

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    At Fairham Mouldings we pride ourselves on our professional approach. This approach enables us to provide a comprehensive single source facility, combining in-house design and component manufacture. This not only makes it a smoother process for us, but it means we can deliver faster and more efficiently to you.ISO9001

    We understand that flexibility is a key factor in providing our customers with the best possible service, something that would be impossible to achieve without an effective
    quality management system – something we have been recognised for having by UK accredited certification body, TUV Nord.

    Our management system was found to be operating in compliance with the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 Standard, a certification highlighting our competence and performance capability. The accreditation is based on a several quality management principles including strong customer focus, the motivation and implication of top management, the process approach and continual improvement.

    Fairham Managing Director, John Fairhurst said of the certification “This certification emphasises our passion and commitment to quality, ensuring our customers receive a consistently excellent product and dependably first-class customer service.”

    If you would like to learn more about how Fairham Mouldings could help your business give us a call on 01254 663642 or visit our Contact Us page.


  7. Our Commitment to You

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    At Fairham Mouldings we have long prided ourselves on our collaborative approach to working alongside our customers.  Having derived a wealth of experience from years of manufacturing precision rubber components for clients in numerous industrial sectors, we have refined our process enabling us to provide a product of the highest quality to very precise customer requirements.

    bespoke mould making to suit your requirementsOur philosophy is one built upon problem solving.  We are happy to take your existing designs and create a mould using them or we can work together to develop your component from the initial concept, before designing and making the mould for your component’s manufacture.

    Every case is different and we approach new challenges as such. An example of this is when our customer was in the process of building a new foil capping machine, which proved to be quite problematic.

    products-fairham-mouldingsOur customer had some trouble with the rubber part used in the foil pressing which was causing static on the foil. Having looked at the issue with the customer we remedied the problem by bonding a thin sheet of PTFE to the silicone part. This wasn’t an easy remedy, as bonding PTFE to silicone is an extremely difficult process, however we managed to successfully bond the materials and as a result the problem was solved.

    Our commitment is to consistently deliver excellent levels of customer service throughout our operations, and to assist you wherever possible. All our processes from design and development to the high quality product manufacture and finishing operations are finely tuned, giving you the best possible customer experience.

    We provide a high quality, flexible mould making facility to suit your exact requirements whilst guaranteeing you peace of mind as the customer’s mould will only ever be used for their own application. We make bespoke products for you, and only you.

    If you would like to learn more about how Fairham Mouldings could help your business give us a call on 01254 663642 or visit our Contact Us page.