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Just the Plaice


In another look at the components we produce and the plaices they end up, we’ve got just the scoop.No, really – we have helped to develop a rubber handle for a chip scoop for use in fish & chip shops across the country.

You could say we’re helping to feed millions of hungry Brits every Friday night. It’s a tenuous link, but a link nonetheless!

Working alongside Drywite to develop the fish & chip scoops, we helped design an FDA approved rubber handle specifically intended to give a more comfortable and tactile scoop, something I’m sure we’d all appreciate on a busy night behind the chip counter.

Not to mention the sales of the new scoops have increased substantially since they went into production about 3 years ago.

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The second image is a blue FDA approved plug which goes into the Drywite chip bucket. So, we’re certainly doing our part when it comes to helping you get your chippy tea!

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