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Mould Making

All precision rubber components start out as a requirement and then goes through a design process for the manufacture of the mould and ultimate component manufacture.

Whilst we are very happy to simply take your mould and produce your rubber components, we do have our own comprehensive in-house mould making facilities; we make the tooling in our own machine shop and manufacture the mold on site in our modern toolroom with the latest CNC machinery.

This complements our component manufacturing and enables us to offer the ultimate ‘one stop shop’ for your precision rubber components.

We can work with you to develop your component from the initial concept, then design and make the mould ready for component manufacture.

Or we can take your existing design and drawings and create the mould from those using our full 3D design and manufacture facilities.

We can even take your existing component and create a mould directly from that – a very useful ability where original drawings do not exist or are obsolete. And we will re-create the mould drawings in the process.

Not only do we provide a high quality, flexible mould making facility to suit your exact needs, but we throw in additional peace of mind as we never, ever agree to use a client’s mould for anything other than the client’s own application.

Need more information or want to discuss your own precision rubber component needs? Talk to the experts and find out how we can help.


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